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My Prince Experience - Tony Lesesne

The recent passing of the legendary musician "PRINCE" many people have come out and spoken up on their experiences and encounters with the artist PRINCE and how he's affected their lives in one way or another. Lesesne Media Group's own Tony C. Lesesne commented on the first time he met PRINCE and the lasting impression that encounter made on him. The reading below is from Tony Lesesne himself on the night it all happened. 

  So back while I was in College, all I kept hearing about was PRINCE, PRINCE, and more PRINCE. It was around 1980 and thus I listened to his album, and was impressed, but THAT was a studio album. As a part-time musician, I didn’t believe he could really play all those instruments that was noted on the album. So when the tour came to nearby Virginia I traveled from Maryland to catch a Prince Concert at the Hampton Colosseum.

  I get there early and parked in the back to take a nap. After about 30 minutes, I heard music coming from the inside and thought I’d go check it out – no security, no fans, nothing but an empty arena with a band rehearsing at the far end. I recognized “I wanna be your lover” and walked right up to the stage – as they continued to rehearse – with Prince, in the weirdest outfit (high boots, black underwear, scarf around his neck and floppy hat) was up front, wailing, then looked right at me – the only person in the arena as if to say “how do we sound?”
I was stunned – this guy was killing it – sounding better than the recording and bouncing, dancing and spinning – with a guitar at that. He kept looking at me, then the band, and the sound guy situated in the back of the arena- smiling and just acting a fool, but still killing it. he went to the piano. KILLED IT. hit the drums – KILLED IT! Congas – Killed it, and that falsetto…unreal, baritone, stunning, I was transfixed. This guy had the chops of Jimi hendrix, the voice of Eddie Kendricks and Elvis and so much more.
After about 10 minutes, he was done. He hopped off the stage and walked right up to me and smiled. he was half my height, even in leopard studded high heel boots. Yet, he had this childlike happiness – knowing he had just blown me totally away and the sound guy was stoked. I said "That was awesome!!” and he nodded his head, without ever syaing a single word except “wait until the show tonight” and he walked away – with his bad ass band behind him.

I realized then that this guy was unlike ANYTHING I had ever seen, and it was clear that he was an introvert- except on that stage. From that moment on – I was a hardcore Prince fan. I understand why the world is feeling the loss, but for me – I’m just grateful for what he gave.
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